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We carry a full range of accessories for all your shooting needs. Get the most out of your day at the range with our range bags, hearing protection, and targets. If you’re a hunter, we have a wide selection of calls, blinds, and¬†knives. For the tactical enthusiast, we carry a variety of sights, flashlights, holsters, and AR components.





  1. Do you have power pistol or hs-6 reloading powder

    • As of right now we are out of stock. I would recommend checking back with us every so often. We do not have a regular shipment schedule so we are not entirely sure of when we will get more powder.

  2. looking for a iwb holster for a kahr ct 40

    • Hello, we currently have a wide selection of IWB holsters in stock, but nothing specifically made for that model of Kahr. We may have a holster that will fit that firearm, but it will be designed for another.

  3. do you have any glock21 clips and how much are they if ya do??

  4. Do you fellas carry true black powder like swiss or geox

  5. do you guys have any magazines for glock 20 ? need 2 but will take 1

  6. Aaron Roseblock

    Do you have a galco jackass shoulder holster for a glock 19 and how much?

    • We don’t have one in stock right now but we can order one and get it in within a week. Your price would be $149

  7. Do you have any pistol powder?

    • At the moment, the only pistol powders we have are IMR 4759 and 800X. We do get shipments all the time so keep checking back.

  8. Do you carry small of back conceal carry holster for glock21 gen3 and how much

    • We have a few holsters that will perform that duty. Galco makes a decent one for around 50.00 and we do stock it for the Glock. We also have a variety of nylon holsters that will work. If there is something specific you want, we can get it.

  9. Looking for a gun holster for a .357 Taurus medium frame 4 inch barrel and 38 special bullets

    • We have several options in Soft Armour, as well as a large order on the way. Some of them even hold extra shells. My suggestion would be to bring your gun with you (unloaded, please) and try a few out. Sometimes the ones labeled 4” Medium Frame Revolver aren’t a perfect fit while the 3” Small frame fits like a dream.

  10. Are you all able (or can you direct me to someone who can) paint/or dip part of a pistol?

    • Locally, not really. I know a couple of people who do it as a hobby but you want a pro. And we aren’t ready to endorse any of them right now.

  11. do you carry cases for a CZ Scorpion EVO 3 S1 Pistol

    • We have a few things that could works. We have a SBR Tactical case that will fit, up to, a 37” rifle for 29.99. We also have a relatively large Flambeau double pistol case that might work. If you live locally, stop by and bring it in.

  12. Do you have any Kimber Micro 9 or Sig P938 – 7 round magazines in stock?

  13. Do you have a 9mm laser training cartrige?

  14. Do you carry vihtavouri n350 pistol powder.

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