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Come browse our wide selection of bows by Hoyt, Bear, and Parker Archery.  No bow is complete without the accessories to do the job.  We have everything you need from the brands you trust, such as Trophy Ridge, G-5, Limb Saver, and Tru-Glo.  A bow without ammo doesn’t do you much good, so we have you covered with only the finest arrows offered by Beman and Easton. If a crossbow is more your style, then come browse our selection by ExCalibur and Barnett. If you have any questions or need repairs, we have archery experts on staff that are full of useful information!








  1. I a alphamax 32 I need a new sting on and a module to shorten the draw lenght could you tell me how much that would run or if you even have the modules in stock ?

  2. Do you all have the Hoyt carbon defiant with a 27 inch draw and 50lb draw weight?

    • We’ve had a few but we are sold out at the moment. We can get you one. Call our Archery Department at 304-255-9470 and we’ll have it before you know it.

  3. I’m looking for a hour now under $550, is there any?

  4. Interested in a Rukus Jr. bow. Do you have any? If so, what price we looking at?

  5. Do you stock any Bow vises?

  6. How much is a Hoyt Charger? Is there any in stock?

    • We have a couple of options at the 600.00 price range. The Charger ZRX is a great bow and we sell it for 605.99 but we just sold the last one of those a couple of weeks ago. However, we do have the Charger Bone Collector Edition in stock for 659.99. It has a 70lb pull and a 29” draw. We also have the Powermax for 629.99. There are two versions: the Blackout, a stealthy black bow which has a 60lb pull and a 29” draw, and the XTRA (Real Tree Camo) that also has a 60lb pull but a 25.5-30” draw.

  7. Do you sell parker buckbuster crossbows and if so whats the price on them?

    • We are a Parker Dealer but I’m almost certain that the Buck Buster was discontinued. It isn’t cataloged and I can’t find one. We have many in stock, in every price range, from the Bushwacker to the Concorde, but we don’t have a Buck Buster.

  8. I am wandering if you have a layaway program. I’m needing a bow and as a single mom dont have the means to buy it straight out. But font want to give up the passion of hunting because I dont have one. Hunting season may seem like along way away but time passes in a blink of an eye. I dont want to miss the upcoming season. It would be the first bow I have ever bought. I’ve had one (browning) but never bought one.

    • Yes, we will layaway anything in our store that isn’t on consignment. We like to get about 1/4 of the price down and then you have 90 days to pick it up. If you need to go back on it, we do offer a refund but there is a 10% restocking fee.

  9. I have a pse bow do you service pse ?

  10. I have a bear charge bow how much would it run me to get a new string

  11. I have a mathews monster 7.0 how much would it cost to get new strings and have them installed?

    • It usually costs around 100.00 to acquire and install strings on a bow. It varies based on the price of the string but the ballpark is 100.00.

  12. Do you guys do paper tuning, i bought a new rest and would like to put it on and paper tune

  13. Do you have the 2018’s in stock? Is there a sale on leftover 17’s? Interested in a defiant

    • The 2018 are on the way and we should have them any day now. There is a sale on our 2017s. I can’t tell you on here because of Hoyt’s MAP policy. So, call our store and talk to one of the Bowtechs. They’ll hook you up.

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