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Sig Sauer 226

The Sig Sauer P226 line of handguns has been adopted by both military and law enforcement worldwide. Glock may be the gun every novice shooter has heard of, but the Sig 226 is the premier sidearm for both Law Enforcement and Military Spec Ops.  And for good reason.  Both are reliable and ...

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Surefire is the industry leader in illumination technology.  They are a primary supplier of flashlights for both military and law enforcement, but you don’t have to be LEO to own one!  They also make a variety of other equipment including knives, hearing protection and lasers.  Now, to have some real fun, you should ...

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Crimson Trace Lasers

Add a Crimson Trace Laser to your gun to instantly enhance your marksmanship.  Available as a replacement grip for most popular firearms, they make a convenient tool.  Once installed, you won’t be able to feel any variation from your factory grips, but you will definitely be able to see a big difference. ...

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Trijicon ACOG

Trijicon designed the ACOG sight to be used on the M4 rifle family.  Uncle Sam saw the benefits of this sight and adopted it into the US Military.  The Marine Corp fell in love with it and bought one for every rifle in their inventory.  Now you can own one, ...

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