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The Scripture of the Day is:

Colossians 2:15 And having spoiled principalities and powers, he made a shew of them openly, triumphing over them in it.

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Spoiled is translated disarmed.  Principalities and powers are part of the devil’s reign.  He has set up demonic spirits as his kingdom rule; they follow him and do his bidding.  When Jesus hung on the cross, the world viewed His beaten, torn and crucified body; that was what seemed to be happening.  But, what was going on in the spirit realm was the disarming of the satan’s army.  Jesus triumphed over them and made way for you and me to not be under the bondage the enemy had for all of us.  The enemy has no authority (except what we give him); he has no power (except what we allow him to have); never forget he has been disarmed.  We are flesh and blood; but that is not what we fight against.  Our war now has to be fought on our knees; that is where we break down every act of the enemy.  We can’t see what is happening in the spirit world; but it is mighty and our prayers will pull down every stronghold that the enemy builds against us.  If something is happening to you over and over again, the enemy has a plan against you.  If you suffer sickness, financial despair, hurt, rejection, people who hate you without cause, or even constantly try to put you down, these are all ways the enemy wars against us.  He has had a plan for us since the day we were born and he never stops trying to fulfill that plan.  Jesus, won our victory over these strongholds at Calvary and the enemy can no longer win the war he has waged.  Today, we tell our Heavenly Father what the enemy has been doing to us and ask Him to deliver us; tomorrow we tell our Heavenly Father how the enemy keeps fighting us and ask Him to help us; the next day we tell our Heavenly Father what the enemy has done to us and we ask God to pour defeat over the works of the enemy.  We become the biggest tattletale on the face of the earth and we never stop seeking the power of our God to stamp out the works of the enemy in our lives.  He brings victory, after victory, after victory.  If you need Him to show up, He inhabits praise.  The enemy is defeated and the only way he has any power is our lack of seeking the help of God Almighty.

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Father God, we thank you today for sending Jesus to set us free.  We accept Him into our lives and submit to you; that your will be accomplished.  We do not want a day on this side of eternity without you; we need you.  The enemy has warred against us to bring defeat into our lives; we ask that you crush his plan and tear down every stronghold that he has built against us.  Help us to have victory and over come his plans.  Come quickly and rescue us.  Help us to realize the power you have made accessible to us; and help us to live in that power.  We trust you and know you can do all things.  We ask this in the name of your Son, Jesus, AMEN.


P.S.  In these last days that we are living we need to get as much of the word as possible.  If any of you have a ladies group at your church or Bible study that you would like to have a guest speaker, I would be anxious in the Lord to come and speak for you.  You may contact me at this email address.  Maranatha!


       Diana Wood






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