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Scripture of the Day

Mark 11:26 But if ye do not forgive, neither will your Father which is in heaven forgive your trespasses.

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I dreamed that I walked into a church that I used to attend; and there were several people there from my past.  I went to the front row and sat down.  There were baskets, little clay gray chickens and rabbits everywhere.  Instantly, I knew that these represented unforgiveness.  Clay is unstable and cannot give support.  Jesus lifted us from the miry clay.  The color gray is undefined; and can mean deceived, deception, or hidden.  We use the expression “in the gray area”; meaning not right, but not completely wrong.  Chickens represent fear and cowardliness.  Rabbits represent fast growth, multiplication; whether good or evil.  In the dream, I began to tell the people that we have to forgive and not hold any ought in our hearts.  I told them that they needed to find every basket, chicken and rabbit.  There was a giant basket over in the corner and I pointed to it; one lady walked up and said it is so huge and I didn’t even see it there.  I told them as they picked these up to be in prayer and ask God to help bring restoration and forgiveness.  Many of us have been offended at others and the reasons can lie in the gray area.  We feel justified because we have been treated wrong.  There are those of us that need to make a situation right with another person and we allow fear to hold us back; and so we bury the whole situation and behave as though we are the one who has been wronged.  Some have even allowed others to take the blame for things that have taken place in their lives; because they are cowardly and do not want to take responsibility for their own actions.  When we allow these things to take hold of our lives it can multiply quickly; and before we are aware our relationship with God has a divider between us and Him; and we just can’t figure out what is wrong.  It is our lack of forgiveness toward others.  It makes no difference who is right or who is wrong; if we are holding unforgiveness we are all wrong.  When we try to live this life with unforgiveness the enemy sees and knows that we have granted him access to make this path a hardship instead of a blessing.  We can’t feel God like we want to; because the enemy stands between us and Him. Many are sick and afflicted and cannot overcome their current situation because unforgiveness cuts off their prayers before God receives them.  Many suffer through the same battle over and over again because they have unforgiveness leading them to battle. There are those that you cannot go to meet with about a situation; because the enemy has them and guides them.  But, every situation must be prayed over and repented for and laid at the feet of Jesus.   The Lord will lead us in what we need to do; we need not neglect so great a salvation; and do all we do in obedience to God.  Forgive, repent and be set free!

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Lord we thank you that you know us better than we know ourselves.  Thank you that you bring the hidden things to light.  Help each of us to dig up every offense we have buried in our lives.  Help us to forgive every offense; and help us to be set free.  We can’t do this without you; and we need you to give us eyes to see each and every wrong and any person we have ought against.  We repent of all the unforgiveness in our lives and ask your mercy and grace to flow over us this day.  In Jesus name, AMEN.


P.S.  In these last days that we are living we need to get as much of the word as possible.  If any of you have a ladies group at your church or Bible study that you would like to have a guest speaker, I would be anxious in the Lord to come and speak for you.  You may contact me at this email address.  Maranatha!


       Diana Wood




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