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Isaiah 11:2 And the spirit of the Lord shall rest upon him, the spirit of wisdom and understanding, the spirit of counsel and might, the spirit of knowledge and of the fear of the Lord.

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Wisdom, chochmah (choach-mah) wiseness, skillfulness; moral sense to live correctly.  God has to be the source of our wisdom and understanding; or otherwise our source will be the flesh.  Often, we ask the question, “what is wrong with this world”?  Here is our answer; the world is basing their understanding and wisdom on the arm of flesh.  To live successfully one must seek God, the source for all wisdom and understanding; and He will be faithful to bring those into our lives.  If we would just pray for wisdom in our lives, what a difference it would make in the outcome of things.  We need wisdom to walk daily in this world.  It is easy to look at others and see their obvious mistakes and even realize that they live in bondage to wrong thinking.  Consider those on drugs, or that rebellious child, or that friend who refuses to think rationally.  We all walk in these situations and we can not change these people; but we can pray for wisdom to correctly handle our part of the situation.  God grants wisdom to those who are seeking with their whole heart.  If there was ever a time that you and I need wisdom it is this day in which we have come to live.  When you open your eyes each morning ask God to give you wisdom and understanding to live the day.  We are the army of God and we need to hear clearly His marching orders!

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Lord we thank and praise you this day for the many promises in your word.  Today we come asking for one of those promises; you said if any man lack wisdom that all he had to do was ask for it from you; so here we are Lord; we lack and we need your wisdom.  Great is your faithfulness to fulfill your Word!  Help us to have wisdom and understanding to live today; help us to realize our shortcomings and listen when you speak.  Help us to not refuse the wisdom and knowledge that you place into our hearts and minds; but instead help us to be a willing vessel.  We ask these things in the name of your Son, Jesus, AMEN.


P.S.  In these last days that we are living we need to get as much of the word as possible.  If any of you have a ladies group at your church or Bible study that you would like to have a guest speaker, I would be anxious in the Lord to come and speak for you.  You may contact me at this email address.  Maranatha!

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