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We have the area’s largest privately owned assortment of firearms! If you’re in the market for a concealed carry or home defense weapon; or you are just looking for a better tool to compliment your hunting prowess, we can point you in the right direction. If your needs exceed our stock, we can get you what you want, fast!



  1. I am looking for a Glock 42.
    I am also looking for a sig sauer p238.

    • We currently have a wide selection of Glocks, but have not yet received the Glock 42 380acp. We are not yet sure on shipping times be we do have them on order. We currently have a wide selection of the Sig Sauer P238s. If there is a model that you request that we do not have we will order it for you.

  2. S&W Governor SKU 160410

    Do you have one? Please advise. Thanks.

  3. I have a buddy that wants to trade a Kimber Pro Crimson Carry for a Kimber Ultra CDP II. Any idea what kind of deal you could make him?

    • Hi, thank-you for visiting our website! At this time you would have to bring the firearm in so that we could look at it. It would be hard for us determine the condition of the firearm to consider a trade value without seeing it in person.

  4. Was wondering if you took in other fire arms in trade I have a unfired Dan Wesson 357 mag pistol pack with everything that came with it from the factory it is a monson model 15 v with 8,6,4 and 2 1/2 inch barrels the barrel wrench belt buckle ,patch and scope mounting bracket

  5. Do you have a Mossberg 500 Duck Commander

    • Thank-you for checking out our website! Currently the Duck Commander 500 is on back-order with our distributors. If you would like, we can special order one for you with only 25% down. As soon as one becomes available we will contact you and let you know.

    • We currently do not have one in stock, but we can order one in for you. If you would like to call on Monday we can contact Glock and get an accurate shipping time frame for you.

  6. Do you have any .22 Colt 1911s in stock?

  7. Do u have any taurus trackers in .17hmr if not can u get it and how much

    • Currently the Taurus Tracker 17HMR 6.5” is on backorder with our distributors. Our price would be approx. $449.99. If you would like to put 25% down we could special order one for you.

  8. Sir, I was looking for this, just wondering if you had any in stock and the price you could do on it. Thank you ….

    • Thank-you for checking out our website! Currently we don’t have one of these in stock, but our distributors do. We can special order one for you with 25% down. Our price for one is approx. $1039.99.

  9. whats your price on a ruger sr1911

    • Howdy! Thanks for checking out our website. Currently the SR1911 is on backorder with our distributors, but your cost on one would be approximately $689. With only 25% down as a deposit, we can secure you one whenever they become available.

  10. Do you guys sale Zombie Targets?

  11. Hey there, I’m looking for the Springfield Loaded PX9149LP. If ya don’t have her can ya get her? Thanks Kevin

    • Hello, unfortunately that particular model is no longer available from Springfield to order. The only way to get one now would be to find one used or second hand. If you find one online and purchase it, we will transfer it in for $35.

  12. got a 500 smith and wesson?

  13. Looking for a Taurus PT 1911 in blue finish. Can ya help? Thanks, Kevin

  14. U guys do layaway?

  15. Looking for a Beretta 92FS Inox in a compact, got any?

    • Hello, we are out of stock on that particular firearm, but I can special order one for you for approximately $670. Only 25% down payment to order. Would take us about 1-2 weeks to get in.

  16. Do you have a Smith and Wesson model 642 Lady Smith .38 special? If so, how much?

    • Howdy, unfortunately I don’t have one of those in stock, but we do have a standard 642 stainless with the pink and black rubber grips for $399 brand new.

    • We just got a few back in stock. We have 3 of them brand new for $429. If you still want one and can’t make it in just give us a call @ 304-255-9470 and we can hold one for you.

  17. Have a Winchester model 1890 and a Browning model 1015 BT99 I am interested in selling both.

  18. do u have a rossi 38 special revolver nicol plated

  19. Do you have any colt m4 ops .22 LR?

    • Yes, we carry Bond Arms. I have two different models in stock right now. I have the Ranger II 4.25in barrel with the leather belt holster brand new for $589. I also have the Snakeslayer with a 4.25in barrel for $489 brand new.

  20. Im looking for the SW Bodyguard …. Do you have in Stock ? Price ? ( March 6th 2014)

  21. I’m looking for a 1861 or 42 Springfield reproduction

  22. Hello, unfortunately we do not have one in stock but we may be able to special order one for you if you want one.

  23. Hey there buddy, do you have or can get a 625 JM? How long of a wait ??/?/

    • Hi there, unfortunately the S&W 625s are hard to obtain as of right now. A special order can be placed though if you are interested. Approximate price is about $870

  24. Gentlemen,
    Little obscure but….what are the odds of you being able to get s hold of a PMR-30, or a Sub-2000 in 9mm?

    • Howdy, the PMRs and Sub-2Ks are like what you said, obscure. We have had a handful of PMRs come through though. Wish KelTec cranked more of their Sub-2Ks out, it’s an excellent carbine. Wait time on one of those is hard to say. If you wish, we can place a back-order for one or the other, or both.

  25. Cheapest 1911 just need a basic to start my custom project

    • We did have Rock Island M1911s brand new for $450, but we are out of stock now. We have more on order right now but can try to special order one for you if you’d like.

  26. Do you guys by chance have a PURPLE Ruger SR22 in stock?

    • Hi Heather, right now we don’t have one in stock. We have gotten them before and have a few on order. Not sure on when we are supposed to receive any more. If you’d like, you can make a special order deposit of 25% and the next one that comes in, we’ll hold it back for you.

  27. I was wondering if you guys had any Rock Island Armory G.I. 1911 models in stock?

    • Howdy! Unfortunately we are out of stock on Rock Island 1911s. Standard GI models were running about $449 when we had them.

  28. Howdy!! Do you sell the Ruger SR22 and how much do they cost?

    • Hi, we have the standard SR22 for $359, and the model that comes with a Crimson Trace laser for $429. Both are brand new.

  29. Looking for a mossberg 930 spx. Do you have one and if so the price please.

  30. Looking for a rifle that fires .40 S&W. Preferably one that takes Glock mags. Do you have any or can special order? If so cost please. Thank you

    • Currently we do not have any rifles that are chambered in 40S&W. A popular model that takes Glock mags is the KelTec Sub2000, that we do not have. A special order can be placed on one but it will be backordered. They are very hard to get right now. Retail runs around $449 on those. Beretta makes a rifle in 40S&W called the CX4 Storm that we can probably get. We can get one for $790.

  31. I’m looking for a Kahr CM9 9mm, do you carry these?

    • Hello, we do carry the Kahr CM9s, but we do not have one in stock at this time. Our price would be $389 on a new one. We can make a special order for one if you’d like, with only 25% down to order.

  32. Hello
    Do you honor the Glock Sport Shooting Foundation pistol purchase discount coupon? Do you have any 10mm Glocks in stock?

    • Howdy, yes we do honor the GSSF coupons, and yes, we have a few 10mm Glocks in stock. We have a G-20 Gen4 brand new for $609, a G-29 Gen3 SF brand new for $549, and a G-29 Gen4 brand new for $619.

  33. Looking for a Ruger LCR .357. Do you have them; if so, what’s the cost.

    • Unfortunately right now we don’t have one in stock, but you can put down a 25% deposit for us to backorder one. They are going for $499.

  34. I’ll call your store at first opportunity. Thanks for the reply!


  35. Do you guys sell the Glock 19 Gen 4? How much is it?

  36. Great to see you have a fully functional website up and running. Looks good. Quick question. Last week I received a 30 year service award from my employer. They gave me a “MasterCard Debit Card” for $300. (I guess I’m worth $10 a year ha ha). My question is whether I can use this card as partial payment on a gun purchase. I know that may be somewhat of an odd question but I’d hate to make a trip up only to find out I couldn’t use the card. Thanks for any info you can provide.

  37. Just wondering if u have a lcp in the raspberry

    • We do not have a LCP in Raspberry at the moment but it is something we stock. Our distributors are currently sold out but, when we do get one in, we will sell it for 319.99.

  38. I’m looking for a Remington 700 .308 Special Purpose Synthetic Tactical Bolt Action Rifle

  39. Currently working overseas. Plan on being in area around September. Any chance you could have SCAR H by that point?

    • There are actually some available at the moment. I just checked one of our major distributors and they have a handful of the Matte Black Finish versions in stock. We would sale this gun for 2999.00 and would require a 25% down payment to order.

  40. i’m looking for a Ruger sr45 and a sr40c.

    • We have the sr40c in stock for 439.99. We could order you the sr45 with a deposit, or you might just check back in a week or two. That is a gun we try to stock. Price should run around the same as the sr40c.

  41. have yall got the .45acp carbine hi point in stock with the extra mags and mag holder on the stock. if so how much? thanks.

  42. I’m looking for a Ithaca model 66 12 gauge. Any chance yall have or could get one?

    • The Lever Action Single Shot.. that’s a fairly rare one. We don’t have it at the moment but you never know what might show up. If you need one in a hurry, you might try looking on Gunbroker.

  43. I’ve found them on gunbroker and other sites, but if they will ship it has to ship to a ffl dealer any way yall could help out with that?

    • Yes. Typically, we will transfer rare or out of production firearms. I’d say this one definitely qualifies. There is a transfer fee but we’d be happy to transfer the Ithaca if you found one.

  44. I am looking for a Thompson Center Venture “Dream Season” in 7mm-08. Does anyone know of any?

    • I believe it was a special run of T/C Ventures a few years back in MO camo that are no longer cataloged. You might be able to find one on the used market.

  45. do you have a Sig Sauer p239 (9mm) in stock?
    also looking for a Walther p22.

    • We don’t have the p239 but we do have the Walther. Starting at 369.99, we stock the P22 in a multitude of configurations and in several different colors.

  46. I wanted to see if you had a Stoeger M3000 in Max Camo in stock and the price. I also wanted to check on a Beretta A300 in Max Camo. Both in 12ga. Can you send me a price.

    • We don’t have the Stoeger but we have the Beretta A300 in MO Bottomland Camo for 819.99. It’s not RT Max but it is still a great pattern for spring or early fall around here.

  47. Looking for Simi auto rifle. M247 ak. Or something similar.

    • We can get you one at the moment. I checked with our vendors and they have catalog #0138747 in stock right now for 550.00. They only have 14 though.

  48. I see you are a dealer for Kalashnikov USA. Do you have any of their AKs in stock?

    • We do not. I don’t know if there is a run on these because of the recent shooting or what, but the only AK we have in stock right now is a used pistol variant. Romanian, I believe.

  49. Do you offer gift certificates?

  50. What XD’s are on sale for $399? Do you have any in 40 or 45?

    • It is for all the standard models (not the XDM or mod.2) in any configuration. Full-sized, compact, etc. Also yes, we do have both the .40 and .45 in stock.

  51. do you have and ruger sr-762 and whats the price. thank you

  52. Do you have a Sig 2022 in 40s&w? If so how much is it?

  53. Do you carry the Bushmaster ACR?

  54. do you all have a taurus pt111?

  55. Got any sig sauer sp2022 in stock if so what’s the price?

  56. Looking for a colt mustang lite 2 tone. Do you have one and if so what is the price?

  57. Please disregard my previous comment as it appears Sig does not offer the MK25 desert with the threaded barrel. Is this correct?

    Do you still have the Sig Sauer P226 MK25 with threaded barrel though?

    • I’m not having any luck finding it with a threaded barrel. Of course they make the black version with one, we have it in stock, but I’m not finding the desert model with that option. Sig does sell the barrel separately, but the price will scare you. A threaded Sig barrel runs around 250.00!

  58. hi! looking for an AR 15, do you have any new or used and what are prices and brands etc.? thank you

    • We do. We have a wide variety of AR’s. New and Used. Ranging from the 600.00 price range of a S&W Sport or a Palmetto Sate, all the way up to the better part of 2 grand for a Daniel Defense (We currently have the DDM4V5 in Tornado Grey for just a little more than 1400.00) or a Sig 716. As far as Ar’s go, we have a wide selection.

  59. what do you have in the 600 price range? I found an ATI 223556 for 599 but its a little bit from here to get to it

    • Right now my suggestion is, if you can find one, get it. We had the ATIs. Same price. Along with Palmetto State PA-15, S&W M&P Sports and Sports II. But, when Obama opened his mouth, we sold out immediately. I don’t know how long before we can re-stock.

  60. first time gun buyer. looking for a hand gun, something my wife and I could both use. wanting something in the $350.00 range . preferably a 9ml. can you help with this. also wondered what is needed for the back ground check.

    • The go to all around 9mm would be either a Glock or a Springfield XD. The Glock and Springfield both cost a little more than you are looking to spend but you can’t go wrong with them. Another fine gun is the S&W SD. It is in your price range (330-350, depending on where we get it) and it is reliable, as well as accurate. You wouldn’t be out-matched with any of these.

  61. Hi, I’m interested in the FNX 45 Tactical in FDE. Could you order it and how much?

  62. Wondering if you have a DPMS Oracle 5.56 AR-15?

    • We don’t have one in stock at the moment. There has been a run on AR rifles with all this renewed talk of gun control by our president, and we sold out of our value priced ARs in a matter of hours. We could order you one (price is currently around 580.00) but I’m not sure when they will be available.

  63. Hi, could you get a Scar 17S FDE and how much?

    • Every SCAR I’ve looked for (17 or 16; all versions) is back-ordered. I suspect it has something to do with all this talk of gun control because I could find them a few weeks ago. The price is right around 3000.00 but I’m not sure when they’ll free up.

  64. Do you have a Mossberg 500 in desert camo with a pistol grip instead of a regular stock?

    • We can order you the Mossberg 500 JIC Sandstorm (MFG# 53340) for 450.00. I managed to find exactly one of these in stock at one of our distributors. That’s about 50.00 higher than I remember them going for but, apparently, they aren’t easy to come by.

  65. Do you sell the kalishnikov made in America

    • We do but we don’t have one in stock at the moment. We should be able to get you either a Kalishnikov USA or Arsenal AK from our distributors.

  66. Do you buy handguns? I have one never used?


  67. Interested in an ISSC M22 and would like to know the cost.

    Thank you

  68. Do you guys have the CZ P07 in stock? and can I get a price?

  69. I am looking for a tanfoglio TZ 75….any in stock?

  70. Do you have any GSG 1911 22 cal, if you do, how much is it, either new or pawn.

  71. I’m looking for a Ruger LCP with Crimson Trace laser grip

  72. Do you have any pre remington jm stamped marlin 30/30 used rifles

    • We have one 336 but it is a MR prefix. So it would have been made after 2011 / after Remington took over.

  73. What is your price on the kimber micro bel air 380

  74. Looking for a Saiga 12, can you order if you don’t keep in stock?

    • I’m trying to find one. Obama banned the importation of them by executive order about two years ago (July 2014) so, anything new would be old stock. And it looks like that dried up when people found out there was a ban. If we can get one at a reasonable price, we will. I will let you know.

  75. I just ordered some night sights for a Kimber Ultra Carry II. Can you guys install them? Price>

  76. How about installing an ambi safety on a 1911?

  77. I bought mossberg 535 a couple years ago. I am looking for another one.

    • We have a used 535 in 12 Gauge for 219.99 right now but we can order you any currently available configuration that you want.

  78. Smith & Wesson Bodyguard .380 prices? Also, do you have them in any other color than black?

    • Right now, we have one used one for 319.99 that looks new. We have several others that are new for a little more but they are all black at the moment.

  79. Do you have or can you find a 8mm Mauser in very used condition? I would like to redo one.i have looked everywhere..thank you

    • We don’t. It wasn’t long ago that we seemed to keep a beater Mauser. Now they are hard to find. We do have a somewhat rare FN 98 style Mauser made for the Israelis in 7.62 Nato for 399.99. I don’t think that is what you are looking for.

  80. do you have any Glaser Safety Slugs or 22 bird shot?..

    • We don’t at the moment. We are a CorBon Dealer. They bought the rights to the Safety Slug, but they aren’t making a lot. That seems to be the case with 22 Bird Shot. We have a bunch of 22 ammo, something that was rare just a few months ago, but now we have cases. We do stock it. When it’s available. So we will have it. Just check back in a little while.

  81. Looking for a hammerless revolver for home security by retired handicapped veteran couple. Preferred used in
    good condition.

    • We have two used S&Ws at the moment. A 642 and a 438, both in very good condition and they both cost 399.99. We have new ones for 439.99, as well as a new Ruger LCR for 429.99. All of these are in 38 spl.

  82. Do you have the Kimber Micro 9 in stock?

  83. I am coming into town this coming Friday for a few weeks and I am looking to get a new AR-10. Do you have any options in stock to compare and look at?

    • We do stock several AR-10s. Right now, our inventory consists of a couple of S&W M&P10s and a Armalite. The M&P10s are both camo versions but one is new for 1489.99 and the other is used for 1399.99. The Armalite AR10 is 1399.99.

  84. Looking for a sig sauer p320 compact fde. Do you have one and if so what is your price? Thanks

    • We hope to have a few of them in the coming days. The P320, by and large, has been a huge hit. It’s hard to get. We will stock it. But, right now, we are just taking what we can get.

  85. I’m looking for a Mossberg 930 SPX Tactical. Could you get one?

    • Maybe. I’ve looked at several of our warehouses and they are sold out. We do have a few other tricks up our sleeves. If you want one, we can probably find it.

    • We do actually have the Jerry Miculek version (JM Pro 930 Tactical) in stock right now for 669.99. If you are interested.

  86. Looking for a rossi ranch hand .357 do you have one

  87. I am looking for a beretta 92fs or an m9 or possibly an a1 if you all have one in stock?

  88. Do you have any Sig 2022’s? If so what’s the caliber, finish and price?

  89. Hey guys, I was looking for a Smith 38 maybe a snub nose. What kind of price am I looking for something like that. Thanks guys!

    • We had a used S&W for 390.00 but a new one will run you 420.00 and up, depending on where we get it from and the features. We often have a Taurus or Rossi for a good bit less. Good guns, but they aren’t Smith’s.

  90. Do you have any old military surplus rifles in stock? If so how much are you asking?

    • We do. We have several Enfields, in various configurations, starting at 499.99. We have three ’03’s at the moment. One refinished by the arsenal, one refinished by a Gunsmith, and a Mark I that could be original. We also have a Mauser in 7.62 that was made for the Israeli Army. Stop by and check them out.

  91. hi, looking for Sig Sauer P320 or maybe P250? Do you have it in stock and if not would you order it? what would be your price?

    Thank you

    • The P320s have been hard to find until lately, but we are now getting them on a regular basis. However, we just sold our last one on 9-30-16. We do have a bunch on order and get them all the time but there is no definite time frame. The sale price, so far, has been 529.99. As for the 250, I’m not certain they are making it anymore, or, at least, Sig seems to be devoting their resources to production of the 320. That being said, we do have a couple of used ones in stock, starting at 349.99.

  92. Looking for a 9mm Taurus , the slim or gen 2 Do you have either in stock and price
    Thank Yoy

  93. hello, Im in the market for an AR-15 or an AK-47. Is there any way you can tell me what you have in stock and the prices as well? Thank you very much and have a great day.

    • We have several AR-15s in stock at the moment. From the value priced Palmetto State Freedom Rifle at 659.99 to the high end Daniel Defense DDM series (starting at 1489.99); not to mention Bushmasters, Smith & Wessons, Sigs, and a plethora of others sprinkled in between. We have about anything you can think of when it comes to an AR. Oddly, we do not have a single AK variant at the moment. We usually do, and we can order a couple of different versions, if you are interested.

  94. I purchased an unfired PSA PA-10 from a gentleman a year or so ago. I finally decided to send a few rounds downrange as I heard they had trouble with some of these rifles. My luck I got one. Hard to go into battery, hard to pull back with charging handle. I figure you guys know about all this. I have not fired it either. I have been in contact with PSA but some of the forums don’t seem to think the guys down there are worth the trouble to send it to them. Could Mr. Tilley could get this gun running. I hear AR15 springs fix the extract/eject issues but the round in the chamber that I have a hard time pulling out with the charging handle bothers me.

    • I hate to hear that and your luck sounds like mine. I haven’t heard of this problem with the PSA but I had a similar issue with a DPMS. It turned out that the carrier key was improperly staked and it impacted the gas tube at an angle. Of course, it could be springs, the chamber, who knows… but yes, Mr Tilley can probably get it running right for you. Stop by and bring it in. We will do our best to get it fixed for you.

  95. Thanks so much for your courtesy and customer service. Recently my wife picked up a 742 BDL 308 for me out of layaway as a surprise gift. She spoke highly of your patience and assistance. I will be returning soon for another purchase.

  96. I’ve got an FN Scar 17S with less than 100 rounds fired through it that I’m looking to sell. Could I get a ballpark estimate on it’s possible value? Thanks.

    • From the most recent edition of Fjestad’s Blue Book of Gun Values, in 100% conditions, which denotes brand new in the box, your rifle would be worth 2925.00. 98%, which is still basically brand new but it has been fired a couple of times, is 2550.00. 95%, which means that there is some signs of wear to gun, is 2175.00. 90% is 1900 and 80% is 1575. Without seeing it, I couldn’t really tell you where it lies, exactly.

  97. Do you guys do layaway ?

  98. Do you have any used Sig Mosquitos?

  99. Do you have any of the Sig Scorpion 1911’s left? If you do, how much are they?

  100. My wife is looking to get the Beretta PX4 Storm Subcompact 9mm, but it seems it is out of stock everywhere. Would you be able to get it and how much?

  101. Do you guys have a walther pps 40 S&W and if so, how much?

  102. whats the price on a FNX 45

    • One of our distributors have them in stock for 730.00. We might be able to get it a little cheaper from FN, but it’s hard to tell how long that would take.

  103. Do you have any holsters for a glock 41 gen4 .45auto?

  104. Im looking for a sig sauer p250 45acp. Do you have them in stock and how much. can you get one thats stainless steel

  105. DO you have a Remington Model 1911 R1?

  106. I am new to 9MM and looking for a CC IWB. Not sure I want a 6-8 shot, instead looking for more capacity. While open to suggestions, I am thinking of the Glock 19 and 43, Ruger American Compact and SR9 Compact and the S&W M&P Compact and Shield. I’m also interested in the CZ, Beretta and Walther lines. Which of these do you have in stock that I can fondle?

    Also looking for a CZ-83 in .32 ACP?

    • I’m completely with you. Unless I’m thinking about a backup gun, I want more capacity than a micro compact. We do currently have the Glock 19, which is an excellent choice, and we have one 43, if it hasn’t sold before you get here. They are in high demand. We have the full sized Ruger American and a SR40 Compact. Although I’d discourage the use of a 40 in a short barrel. It doesn’t give great performance. We have a M&P Compact in 9mm and we have the Shield. The only Berettas we have are the PX4 Storm and several 92’s. We do have a couple of Walthers, including the Creed, which is a cheaper version of the PPQ. The PPQ is an awesome pistol. Definitely stop by and look. There might even be something you weren’t thinking about that is even better.

  107. Looking. For ruger sr9c

  108. Do you have a glock g33

    • We don’t usually stock the Glock in 357 Sig. It isn’t a good seller. We can always get them and we’d sell a Gen3 for 499.99.

  109. Do you have a mosin nagant

  110. Do y’all carry the smith and Wesson M&p 9mm full size with thumb safety?

    • We do. We have both the standard model and the 2.0 in stock. The standard model is 499.99, while the 2.0 is 50.00 more at 549.99.

  111. looking for a glock 32 gen 4. if in stock whats your price.

    • We don’t have any Glocks chambered in 357 Sig in stock simply because they do not sell. We can get you one. Our price on a Gen4 would be 539.99.

  112. I am on the hunt for a New England single shot 28 gauge to complete my set would you all happen to have one there ?

  113. Looking for a Walther p22, have any in stock?

  114. Friendly people, plenty of selection & very good coffee.

  115. do you have any 5.56 pistols?

    • We have two at the moment. The first is a Zastava PAP, which is a AK variant, and it cost 599.99. The other is a AR style, the Sig M400, and it runs 1249.99.

  116. do you have any rifles in a 243 single shot break down with iron sights

  117. Do you have any pre 64 Winchester 94 chambered in 30-30 win.

    • We do have one. It was made in the 1940’s, during that strange era that Winchester doesn’t have enough information to determine an exact year, and it’s in nice condition.

  118. I am looking for a Walther P1

  119. Bond Arms? Models?

  120. Good Morning,

    I am looking for a Taurus 709 Slim 9mm, does the store have any in stock?

  121. Looking for a 380 revolver

  122. would like to know if you have a winchester 94 30/30

  123. How muchis your Smith & Wesson M&P Shield performance center? 9mm. Thank you.

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