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The Scripture of the Day is: 

Psalms 9:17 The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God.


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Maybe you are one of those people who can remember everything; I am not.  Especially the things that the Lord shows me.  When He does, I think I will always remember this or how He can make things feel so different; or when He comes just at the right time.  We look at all those people in scripture and think, “how could you forget God, after all He has done”?  The enemy seeks to steal God’s blessings from our minds; he wants us to forget.  God tells us in His Word to forget not all of His benefits; and even reminds us to remember; yet we still let our memory slide into the night.  Now we see our nation, who has forgotten God, and many wonder at all of the chaos.  Forgetting God will turn many into hell one day; and living daily will be a hardship if we do not remember all that He has done.  He tells us small things; like drink a lot of water; or eat right; or be slow to anger; or forgive those who despitefully use you; yet we work at what He says for a little while then we go on as if He never said anything.  On the last day of the year we commit to make some changes; our New Years resolutions; and how long does that last?  Let us dig up the many blessings of God; the warnings He has given; the inspirational moments; the revelations for change; and let us move forward and not forget.  Remind yourself today of all of His benefits and then remind yourself tomorrow; and the next day and the next day.  Make a change that will be lasting and will change your life “forever”.  Do not forget to remember!

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Lord God thank you for all your blessings to us; and forgive us that we have neglected your instructions.  Visit us today and bring to our remembrance all that you have brought us through.  Help us to make the memories of your blessings strong within our minds.  Embed your Word in our heart that we may not sin against you.  Strengthen us in your will; and the power of your might.  We ask these thing in the name of your Son, Jesus, AMEN.


P.S.  In these last days that we are living we need to get as much of the word as possible.  If any of you have a ladies group at your church or Bible study that you would like to have a guest speaker, I would be anxious in the Lord to come and speak for you.  You may contact me at this email address.  Maranatha!

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